• Sosa-Tech-Advisors LLC is a global consultancy company for the plastic industry. The company has a large background on the plastic sector, from tooling production experience, part molding, machinery and equipment selling; to knowing perfectly well the "maquiladora" system and the sector's requirements and needs.

    Therefore, after 50 years of being in constant interaction with the technology and plastic industry environment, our president, Mr. Sergio Sosa, understands this vision naturally. All these experience makes Sosa Tech-Advisors a company that offers a unique and built-in service.
  • Inside Injection Foaming is a patented technology by Sosa Tech-Advisors. IIF is a hybrid process for plastic products that need reinforcement. It combines the traditional molding processes with the injection of structural foam (low pressure injection).

    The best mechanical performance is achieved through the injection of thermoplastic foam into predetermined zones.The aim of this process is to get the resistance of a thicker wall without increasing the molding time and the weight of the product where it is not needed. Due to the increment of the wall thickness in the strategic areas or zones, IIF offers the possibility of lightening all the product, saving material and costs.
  • "If you always do what you always did, you will

    always get what you always got"

    -Albert Einstein

    Living nowadays in the -knowledge era-, there is no doubt that in this XXIst century, the main activities to create wealth and value in all business fields are: productivity and innovation.

    A great variety and quantity of knowledge is already documented, being the Internet the largest platform of communication. However, the real application of knowledge is not automatic. That is the reason why we affirm that -innovation-, or, the knowledge application to create new knowledge, is not only an inspiration matter but a sistematic effort with a high degree of organization.