IIF is a hybrid process for plastic products that need reinforcement. The best mechanical performance is achieved through the injection of thermoplastic foam into predetermined zones.

This is a process that not only solves mechanical problems but also reduces costs and enhances product appearance.

IIF is intended for a wide variety of products and is suitable for all traditional plastic processes: injection, extrusion, blowing, thermoforming ant rotomolding.


Is a recently patented process that solves some of the most common issues in plastic product manufacturing. It combines the traditional molding processes with the injection of structural foam (low pressure injection).


The aim of this process is to get the resistance of a thicker wall without increasing the molding time and the weight of the product where it is not needed. Due to the increment of the wall thickness in the strategic areas or zones, IIF offers the possibility of lightening all the product, saving material and costs. The reinforced zones will be those critical areas that will considerably help the mechanical caracteristics and structure of the product.


The concept of the process is based on injecting a thermoplastic material with a foaming agent inside the cavities that are previously designed and molded in a traditional plastic transformation process.

1 Design a plastic product with at least one strategic cavity to be filled with foam through an injection port.
2 Pre-mold with a conventional process. The wall thickness must be between 0.5 and 5 milimiters.
3 Assemble the parts that constitute the product and keep a firm hold for the foam injection.
4 Inject a thermoplastic material with an expandible agent into the cavity with a low pressure machine.
5 Take out the product letting the foam expand outside the machine.
6 Product cooling
takes place in the loading or storage area, shortening production cycle and saving costs.

IIF is suitable for most of the traditional plastic production processes such as: injection, extrusion, blowing, thermoforming, rotomolding or a combination of the previous ones. Generally, the cost of a plastic product is defined by the next statements:

Injection processes can be divided depending on the wall thickness ranging from below 0.5 mm up to 10 mm. The next scheme collects vital information to take into account when designing and producing plastic injection products.


The "Inside Injection Foaming" patent starts it's protection with the International Patent Request PCT/MX 2008/000090.

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